Flashing lights and late nights: Teenages enjoy local dance clubs

By Jessica Clayton
Staff Writer

“You can express yourself and it just gives me time to get away; I like to have a blast and I like to dance.”
Junior Charles Hope shared his favorite thing about going to dance parties, a new craze for Northwood students, especially L in Japanese. L in Japanese is a dance party that is usually held at Cats Cradle or the Local 506, two clubs in Chapel Hill. Students go to hangout with their friends and have a good time.
According to sophomore Shannon Burke, these parties feature a lot of dancing and even more people. Usually, a live DJ blasts loud rap music for an energetic audience. Students have a chance to let loose and dance their hearts out.
“There’s just a lot of people dancing; there’s no alcohol or anything. It’s just people chilling and socializing,” said Hope.
Students find it enjoyable to not only hangout with their friends from Northwood, but meeting new people. They enjoy being able to express themselves through dancing.
“The atmosphere at dance parties is crazy,” said Burke. “Everyone is dancing and having fun. You just forget about all the bad stuff and let it all out and dance the night away. You very rarely see someone who isn’t smiling.”
On the other hand, there are some possible dangers that go along with dance parties. Gang violence, fighting and thieves are present at times. Senior Jacobi Harris has attended L in Japanese and encountered thieves before.
“Someone pick-pocketed me for my phone,” said Harris.
Fights can get started during the parties and outside after the festivities are over.
“One time this guy got mad at another guy and pushed him through a railing and they started fighting. Then the whole party got cancelled and everyone had to leave,” said senior Chrissy Williams.
While some students avoid danger by sticking in groups or leaving early, others prefer to just stay away all together.
“I don’t go because I heard the environment there is very unsanitary and inappropriate,” said junior Katelyn Thompson.
Another type of dance party Northwood students attend is a rave. Like at L in Japanese, at a rave a live DJ plays loud techno music while the crowd dances. A dark room with strobe lights, LED lights and black lights intensify the experience.
“The music puts me in a sensational coma and I don’t care what anyone thinks, I just dance. I go whenever I get a group of friends together that like to have fun like I do. It’s really crowded and I always meet new people,” said senior Palmer Richardson.
The types of dangers at raves differ from L in Japanese because there are more problems with drug and alcohol use. Alcohol was banned from being sold at the venues. Another problem is the clubs failing to be up to code or not being large enough to hold the amount of people that attend.
“If you’re going to be smart when you go it’s going to be fun, but if you’re going to be stupid, you’re going to get in trouble,” said sophomore Allie Ray.