The Middle: Comical and Pracical

By Emily Brooks
Staff Writer

ABC’s under the radar comedy The Middle is sure to make you laugh out loud. It shows the daily life of the stereotypical American family of five who live in Orson, Indiana. The Heck family, consisting of Mike, Frances, Axl, Sue and Brick, puts a comedic twist in their portrayals of the daily trials and struggles of life in an American suburb.
The show is now in its third season and the Heck family has grown up and is better than ever. Mike and Frances are working parents just trying to keep their children from being arrested. Axl, the eldest of the children, is a teenage jock whose typical outfit consists of just boxers and tube socks. He usually roams the house looking for something to eat, drinking milk straight from the carton or picking on his sister.
His sister, Sue Heck, a 15-year old girl, will make you laugh until you can’t breathe anymore. Now a high school freshman, Sue faces an entirely new set of worries and woes. Her dedication to her athletic life is impressive, except the only sport she makes is cross-country, a no-tryout sport. Although she fails at most activities that she does, Sue constantly says, “Sue Heck does not give up.”
Brick, the youngest, usually has his nose buried in some piece of literature. Though very intelligent, Brick is socially awkward and is constantly being set up on planned play-dates so he can try to make a friend, but it seems as if Brick’s only friend is his copy of the dictionary.
This show is the greatest thing to come to ABC. You Jersey Shore fans should branch out from Snookie and turn to the Heck family—they are more comical. This little known treasure airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC before the famed Modern Family.