Nerf or Nothing

By Gloria Rodriguez
Staff Writer

Only a few people remain on the gym floor, strategically hiding behind and maneuvering around the many barricades, trying to avoid being hit by one of the many soaring suction bullets. Suddenly, a player falls, and all of the students who have already been shot gasp from the sidelines, waiting to see what will happen next.
Last month, sophomore Noble LaRocco Masi went to get approval from Principal Chris Blice to be able to start a new club at Northwood: Nerf Club.
Blice told him that to start the club he would need to find enough people interested in joining the club and find a teacher willing to sponsor the club.  After teaming up with gym teacher Lyn Smith, the two held an interest meeting on Sept. 14.   Fifty nine students signed up to participate in Nerf Club at the meeting, though despite that large number, only 30 showed up to the first meeting.
Nerf is a game in which players shoot suction bullets at each other using Nerf guns.
“One team tries to shoot out the other team’s men and there are different games you can play; it’s like a combat,” said Smith.
Nerf wars can be held any place players can run and barriers can be set up. There aren’t any actual rules set up for Nerf wars, but Smith, as the advisor, ensures that the students don’t hurt themselves or each other.
“I stand around and supervise to keep it safe,” said Smith.
Students find Nerf an entertaining activity for many reasons.
“The most exciting part of Nerf is when you shoot someone and they get out. They get mad and that’s always kind of funny,” said junior Clark Streets.
“I like how you get to shoot something, but it’s not like airsoft or paintball; those are very powerful,” said LaRocco Masi.
Although Nerf isn’t known as a violent sport, Northwood students tend to get pretty involved.
“The competition is very fierce; the rise to be the top Nerfer is very competitive,” said junior Nathan Stephenson.
Nerf Club will be used as a one of the school’s “Be Active” activities.
“It’s promoting fitness because the kids are running around, they’re using
strategies, it’s a good chance for them to get out and relieve some stress,” said Smith.
Nerf tournaments will be held multiple times over the course of the year. Nerf wars are currently held in the gym, but due to the start of basketball season, other parts of the school, such as tennis courts, fields or any other open area will soon be used too.