What were you thinking when you got dressed this morning?

Walking around the hallways, I sometimes wonder if some students get dressed in the dark. Although not clearly listed anywhere, there are some fashion rules that need to be brought to everyone’s attention.
Number one: even though Beyoncé said it, not all of us can be “Sasha Fierce.” Don’t go walking around town in six inch pumps and a leotard. The only people that should be wearing leotards are dancers. In addition, if you walk around Pittsboro in some pumps, people are going to look at you very strangely; unless it is prom night, there isn’t anything that formal in Pittsboro that you need to wear pumps for.
Number two: leggings are not pants. I, personally, am glad that they banned leggings at Northwood because some girls abused the privilege of wearing leggings. Leggings are like another layer of skin; you can see every curve and roll when you wear them as pants. Whatever you do, do not wear tights and call them leggings, then proceed to wear those as pants. You can see right through tights. If you must wear leggings or tights, you need to wear a dress with them, or a very long sweater.
Number three: don’t let all your skin hang out. Quit trying to impress the boys and cover it up. It’s not cute. You aren’t at a club, you’re at school. There is a time and place for mini skirts and midriff, and it’s not between the hours of eight and three in a classroom. Now I’m not talking about your shorts being too short, because we all know that particular rule is enforced to the point of exhaustion here at Northwood. Just cover up what shouldn’t be seen, and dress with some class.
Finally: if I were to list my pet peeves, this one would be at the TOP of my list. No white jeans, pants, shorts, dresses or shoes should be on any human body part between Labor Day and Easter. When I see girls walking around with white pants on in November, I just want to walk up to them and tell them that you just cannot do that.  I don’t care if you think your white jeans look good with your brown boots. It’s a major fashion no-no. White is a summer color; there’s a reason why white jeans are on sale this time of year, so don’t wear them. Off-white, cream and winter white are okay, but not plain white. White tops, jackets and sweaters are also okay, just don’t wear white below the waist. Some say that the law is dead, but in reality it’s not. We live in the south, and this southern rule is still going strong. The only human beings that are allowed to wear white dresses and shoes after Labor Day are brides.
So, ladies of Northwood, don’t let me have to stop and stare in shock at what you have on in the morning. I’m not saying I am a fashionista, or that I am dressed to impress everyday, but I know well enough the many rules of fashion that shouldn’t be broken.