What has Northwood ever done to you?

“I hate Northwood. I can’t wait until I graduate. Everything is so unfair at Northwood.” These are the words that we hear from many students in the hallways.
Somebody please tell me, what is so bad?
I’ve been here for four years and I’m about to graduate, but I actually really like Northwood. I think it’s a really great group of people. Both the faculty and students are very nice and caring. Sure, I’ve had a handful of teachers who I disliked so strongly that I would have rather been taught by Cruella DeVille, but in the big picture, the faculty here really cares about the students.
In my opinion, the only reason that students think they hate Northwood is because they keep telling themselves that. I bet if you asked one of these pessimists to make a list of five reasons they dislike Northwood, they couldn’t even come up with two. If they did come up with a reason, I could imagine it having something to do with dress code or how the school operates. Having to dress a certain way for seven hours of the day is not that big of a deal. Look at it this way: at least you don’t have to wear a uniform.
Think to yourself, what is so awful at Northwood that causes you to feel this burning hate inside of you? Maybe it is seeing your ex with another person or you just hate some girl because she talks about you behind your back. That’s not Northwood’s fault; that sounds like a personal problem. In reality, occurrences like that happen in all high schools around the country.
So to all you Negative Nancies out there, enough with the “I hate Northwood.” You know deep down it’s not that bad. We’ve all had our bad moments at school, but we’ve also had our good moments. Just like anywhere else, Northwood has its ups and downs. Get involved with a club, or join a team. That’s what I have done and it has been a good ride for me.
It’s not healthy to hate something as much as some people hate Northwood. Cherish these last years of your adolescent life because they go by fast, and once they’re gone, you can’t get them back.

–By Emily Brooks