Artist: Passion Pit

Album: Gossamer

Go Download: “Cry Like a Ghost”


Gossamer is Passion Pit’s second album following their debut album, Manners. While Manners definitely erred on the side of melancholy, Gossamer is downright sad. “Cry Like A Ghost” is definitely the best song of the album, but the band’s emotionally intense lyrics tend to get lost in the overly layered tracks. Gossamer becomes depressing without the danceable beats that made Manners so popular. Overall, Gossamer is a disappointment for fans of Manners.

— Frances Beroset


Artist: Lil’ Wayne

Album: Dedication 4

Go Download: “No Worries”


Lil’ Wayne’s back on track with his Dedication mix tape. In typical Wayne mix tape fashion, it features Wayne rapping over some of the year’s most popular beats such as “Cashin Out” by Cash Out and “No Lie” by 2Chainz ft. Drake. The first single off the mix tape is entitled, “No Worries,” which features Wayne boasting about his worry-free life. This song is rapidly gaining popularity, as people love Wayne’s metaphorical lyrics and catchy hooks.

The mix tape represents a more mature Wayne with the same great flow that people love and love to hate.

— Kiada Capel



After season three, I doubted that Glee could ever live up to the emotional ending of Finn leaving Rachel on that train to start her new life at NYADA. (Finchel forever!)

To my surprise, the season premiere was probably the best to date. With new people, drama and of course, delicious eye candy, the season is starting to be original again. For a while, Glee became repetitive and predictable, but I once again look forward to discussing the tasty gossip with my fellow Gleeks in first period.

— Ally DeJong