Web Exclusive: Keys’ Girl on Fire amazes

Artist: Alicia Keys

Album: Girl On Fire

Go Download: “New Day” ft. Swizz Beatz and Dr. Dre


Alicia Keys’ newest album Girl On Fire was nothing less than amazing. With Keys’ phenomenal vocals and new sounding beats, this album definitely adds up to what her fans expect. Her first single from the album is called “Girl on Fire” and has been an anthem for many females. It is a pretty upbeat song, and with a verse from rapper Nicki Minaj, it is definitely a hit.

The second hit single is entitled “Brand New Me,” which is more of a familiar and slower song that allows Keys to show off her vocals and piano skills. “Brand New Me” definitely sets the tone for the album, because Keys sings a lot about starting over. In true Keys fashion, there is a mix of the slower and more solemn songs, upbeat female anthems and songs that are just nice to sing along to.

Keys has some very nice hip-hop collaboration on the album, though I feel like some artists would have made the album better and more appealing to some listeners. The album features her husband, rapper Swizz Beatz, and Dr. Dre on the song “New Day.” This is my personal favorite on the album, and is definitely a song I can play over and over again. It would have been nice to hear features from artists such as rappers Lil’ Wayne and Drake. I also feel that as far as R&B collaborations, she should have definitely collaborate with contemporary artist such as Trey Songs or Chris Brown on a nice love song.

It is obvious that Keys has matured with her new role as a mother and wife. She continues to make great music and be a role model for all her fans.  Keys has grown a lot as an artist since her first album, and fans are excited to see her continue to make music.

— By Kiada Capel