Restaurant Reviews: Fiesta Grill

Fiesta Grill

Quaint and unassuming, I entirely underestimated the experience I was about to enjoy. The Fiesta Grill in Chapel Hill was definitely a pleasant surprise. When I initially arrived, the tiny shack-like building surrounded by a gravel parking lot disappointed me. I had already struggled to find the place after the GPS app on my iPhone told me to turn right about a mile too early, instructing me to drive into the woods. At this point I was convinced that the drive out there was a waste of gas money, but I followed through, and I’m glad I did. As soon as I opened the door, the smell of fresh Mexican cuisine overwhelmed my nostrils and it was a matter of seconds before a pleasant waitress seated me. Attempting to get a feel for the place, I asked the waitress to guide me in ordering “a meal which represented the restaurant.” After approximately five minutes of helpful conversation, we decided chicken enchiladas covered in traditional home cooked molé sauce would be the best choice. The service was prompt and friendly throughout the dining experience. The food was out in less than 10 minutes. The meal was a shock; it definitely rivals the food of other local Mexican restaurants, Toreros and San Felipe. The particular meal I ordered was so outstanding that I plan on returning for that reason alone. The only drawback to this eatery is the size. This isn’t a place you would take your whole family or a large group of friends, but if you and a buddy are ever looking for somewhere new to eat, don’t hesitate to give the Fiesta Grill a shot. Large portions, fresh tastes and reasonable prices are three reasons I’d recommend this place to anyone and everyone who has a taste for food south of the border.

John Dunning