Senior spirit week debuts

As the semester comes to an end and students begin to prepare for the upcoming exams, other students like senior Taylor Maloch are taking the time to make their last year at Northwood as special as possible.

For many of the staff and students who attend Northwood, it is known that each year there is a week dedicated to school spirit. Although this has been a tradition, Maloch has put a twist on the norm.

Instead of a basic spirit week, Maloch made her senior year a bit different by adding a spirit week made just for the senior class.

“I thought, ‘Why doesn’t Northwood do that?’ I tweeted about it and my friend Amanda said, ‘Well, we should start that. Here, let’s fill out the days,’” Maloch said.

Maloch came up with all but one of the themes that were chosen to represent the last four days of school before exams begin.

“Tuesday [is] college day, [Wednesday] is America day, Thursday is 90s throwback and Friday is green and gold [day, which is to] basically represent Northwood,” Maloch said.

Many of the seniors seem aware of senior spirit week and enjoy participating. It was easy to notice the theme on Tuesday due to the many seniors who walked into class covered in red, white and blue.

“I think my favorite day will probably be America day because I wanted to do it [during] our first spirit week. I thought it was a cool idea,” Maloch said.

Maloch claims that senior spirit week has been a huge success and that many of the participating seniors had a lot of fun.

“Senior spirit week was a really unique way to end the year and it was really fun to dress up with my graduating class,” senior Sam Droese said.

Although Maloch is graduating, she hopes that senior spirit week will continue to grow and says she hopes another senior or student council member will take it on next year.

-By Madison Fitts