Fashion merchandising class introduced

Fashion Merchandising has been added as one of the new CTE classes this year. The class provides instruction in skills valuable to success in the apparel industry.

“The goal of this class is to have a better understanding of fashion merchandising and what it means, but ultimately for students to find something that they really love,” teacher Ashley Wood said.

Students are able to explore all the latest trends in the world, and can prepare for a career that is in a marketing field or business.

“On a normal day, we take notes in the beginning, then we either work on the classwork assignment she gives us or continue a project that we were assigned,” junior Amber Leviner said.

Fashion Merchandising is a class where students are working all the time. Students have the opportunity to learn something new and find something they love. DECA is a club that is connected with the marketing classes. The club is meant to help students succeed and get a much better idea of the marketing business and industry, something they may foresee a future in.

“I hope that this class will help me be able to sell my own items,” Leviner said.

Many students who take the class have positive things to say about it.

“My favorite thing about this class is all of the projects we do,” Leviner said.  Honestly there isn’t anything I dislike about this class.”

– By Jennifer Jimenez-Cervantes