Student Council is “Branching out to success…” And everyone else

     Northwood High School’s Student Council is looking out for everyone’s help this year. In the 2014-15 school year, Student Council’s objective is to be more linked with the Northwood Students.

“One of the Student Council’s main goals this year is to make connections between students, staff and the community of Pittsboro,” Student Council president Frances Beroset said.

Henry Foust, one of Northwood’s Student Council advisors, fully agreed with Beroset’s comments.

“I’d never say it will be easy, but if we keep focusing on [connecting to students] again and again, we will get closer to reaching our goal,” Foust said.

Besides Student Council’s main goal of working with the students, it also wants kids to feel like they can approach members of the Council at any time with their concerns.

“I really want students in the school to be able to recognize Student Council members and be able to talk to them whenever they have an issue that is coming up, good or bad,” Foust said.

Foust wanted to let students know that all Northwood students are welcome to participate in Student Council.

“Our motto this year is branching out to success, and Student Council wants everyone to help out,” Foust said. “Student Council is open even if people aren’t elected to a position. The projects that the Council works on always need extra helpers.”

– By Riley Wolfgang