Link Leaders host pre-game cookout

A freshman and Link Leader cookout was held at Northwood this past Friday, Oct. 3 before the varsity football game against Cedar Ridge. Link Leaders, freshmen and Link Leader adult coordinators all attended the event.

“Overall, it was really fun,” freshman Destinee Degraffenreidt said. “A lot of people are mingling; Link Leaders and ninth grade freshmen. Everyone is having a great time playing football.”

Others enjoyed the food at the event.

“It was a good place to go before the game,” freshman Zach Sipe said. “The lemonade was good. Hot dogs were really good too.”

Both were planning to attend the football game after the cookout. During the event, attendees ate, tossed footballs around in groups, played corn hole and bonded. The next Link Crew activity will be Friday, Oct. 31 during Plus 1.

– By Adrianne Cleven