Confidence in Clothing: You are what you wear

“What you wear will make you feel better because it can give you better self esteem,” freshman Willissa Smith said.

In my opinion, self-esteem is everything. What gives you confidence defines who you are. The music you listen to, the people you hang out with and, most certainly, the way you choose to dress can represent the confidence that you have.

As I walk through the school hallways, I get this weird feeling that the students are watching each other. They stare down at each other judging who is wearing the hottest brands. Now that no one wears any logos, it seems kind of odd to be the only kid wearing ‘Aeropostale’ across your chest in big, eye catching letters.

The self esteem that someone appears to have when I first meet them is how I tend to judge them. Even though it is not such a humane thing to do, I feel as if when you first meet someone, it is an instinct to automatically judge them by what they wear.

“I think that [people] judge others by the way they dress if it doesn’t match, but not so much by the brand,” senior Ciara Parker said.

I think that we often judge people without knowing them. How can we learn to accept others when we are constantly judging them by simple things like the brand of clothing they wear?

The confidence we hold within us is what makes us special. No one should be able to break down those confidence walls that we build up as we become the warriors of this society.

-By Jennifer Jimenez-Cervantes