“Cinderella” Review

Sitting in the theater for the newest remake of Cinderella, I expected to see the same repetitive story of a girl who won the heart of Prince Charming by losing her slipper or phone or music player or any other thing a girl carries. It was entirely the same plot and ending of every other Cinderella tale, but this new version had more magical qualities.

Cinderella’s miserable life working for her stepmother and sisters wasn’t the opening to the tale, but featured Ella with her biological family, before her life was bad.  The progression of her childhood, from losing her mother to gaining new family members to the loss of her father, were all part of this movie unlike many other films that only portray her being mistreated as a lowly servant. It showed where she learned to be so kind and how she became so forgiving towards others, aspects that were never explained in past remakes. This flow from the beginning to the end of the film was refreshing from the old classic.

Cinderella’s real catchers however, were the digital effects. For example, when Cinderella danced with the Prince, I thought they made some special fabric that held the richest blue dye and made a huge dress out of it. In real life though, they digitally colored the gown to be that magical blue. It’s no wonder that Disney would spend lots of money and time to make every single thing in the film feel mystical; even the doors and windows opened as if a king was promenading around town.

All in all, Disney’s new look on Cinderella is refreshing to the eye. Though it’s still the same princess movie from decades ago, there are new elements that make the movie extra magical, not to mention the prince isn’t moved to just marry a girl in a pretty dress this time. Disney brought out the true moral of Cinderella, which isn’t to be pretty and wait for a hot guy to sweep you off your feet, but to be kind and always have courage for a better life.

– By Betty Her