Student body officers election results announced

Junior Sierra Teta was recently elected to become the next student body president for the 2015-2016 school year. Teta, unlike this year’s student body president senior Frances Beroset, did not run unopposed; she faced juniors Hunter Koch and Mallory Mitchell in the race, but successfully garnered enough support to be voted into the position. Along with Teta, sophomore Hannah Cook will act as student body vice president, sophomore Elizabeth Thompson will act as student body secretary and Chase Williard will act as student body treasurer.

“I was obviously really excited when I got it, but all the candidates are in the same room when they make the announcement, so you don’t want to act too excited,” Teta said. “I honestly was surprised when I realized I won, because this year there were three potential candidates, unlike last year when Frances ran unopposed.”

Teta’s main focus this year seems to be on uniting the student body rather than focusing solely on delegating responsibilities and organizing group specific activities.

“My main thing is I want to get the student body involved a lot more; I want to reach out to everyone and do things to get the whole school involved,” Teta said. “I don’t want to just focus on sports or just focus on the arts. I want to do things that bring everyone together regardless of their grade or group.”

Student council advisor Henry Foust expects Teta to accomplish three main-objectives: dedicate time to represent the student body, plan activities/events that represent what the students want and take issues important to the student body to the administration.

Teta and the other executive officers for the 2015-2016 school year will be inducted into their new positions May 28th at the academic banquet.

– By John Dunning