“American Sniper”: The story of a true patriot

Chris Kyle was a true American hero. Kyle, a native of Allen, Texas, was the most lethal sniper in Ameri- can history with 160 confirmed kills. Kyle’s life was recently portrayed in the film American Sniper. American Sniper, while widely popular, also attracted criticism. Many called Kyle a “psycho” and “hate-filled.”

Kyle was a part of SEAL Team 3 and did four tours of duty in the Iraq war. Many people criticize his first shot in the movie, where Kyle shoots
a mother and a boy holding a hand grenade approaching a tank with U.S. soldiers. During that scene in the movie, Kyle is visibly upset, but what else could he have done? Should he have not shot? Should he have not killed the woman who had the hand grenade approaching the American tank? Kyle shot to protect his men who would have been killed if not for his action.

During the Iraq war, the U.S. went in to stop Saddam Hussein, then president of Iraq. Iraq was thought to have had weapons of mass destruction and was thought to be supporting al-Qaida, the terror group behind the September 11th attacks. If you disagree with Kyle killing Iraqis closely involved with al-Qaida, are you okay with more terror attacks? Kyle went to stop terrorists in Iraq who threaten our well-being in the U.S.

Kyle has been criticized for “killing innocent Iraqi civilians,” but what civilian carries a hand grenade? Kyle stated that every single shot that he ever took had one single purpose: to protect his men.

Kyle saved hundreds, if not thousands, of lives with his sniping. Kyle tried to protect our freedom one shot at a time. He is honored for his bravery and service to our country through Chris Kyle Day, a holiday in Kyle’s home state of Texas. Kyle was, and always will be, a true American hero.

During Kyle’s service time, he was faced with this conflict: to kill Iraqis or have Americans killed by Iraqis. It’s sad to think that an American hero who risked his life and defended our country is called a “psycho.” If he was a “psycho,” you better be glad because if he didn’t stop those men he killed over there, they may be over here threatening your life.

Chris Kyle should always be remembered for his bravery, valor and service. He helped to keep America the land of the free.

– By Jacob Sipe