Photo Gallery—Book-Bag Profiles: Biographies of Northwood students

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Inspired by the work of photographer Mark Menjivar, Omniscient Photo Editor Adrianne Cleven took photos of the contents of students’ book-bags. For each photo, everything in the book-bag was sorted and photographed: from characteristic school items like notebooks and pens, to playing cards, cookies, clothing and even crumpled stacks of papers that might never have otherwise seen the light of day. The diversity of these book-bags serves as a testament to the individuality of the students who own them. Names have been redacted for privacy.

Junior, Female       Junior, Male       Junior, Female         Freshman, Male       Sophomore, Female       Junior, Male       Senior, Male       Sophomore, Female       Sophomore, Male       Sophomore, Female          Sophomore, Male       Freshman, Female
Junior, Female
Participates in Envirothon, National Honor Society, HOSA, Publicity Committee, Key Club (school and district), Science Honor Society and Science Club.

– By Adrianne Cleven