New Teacher Feature: Stephanie Cifers

    Down the science hallways, in room 413, there hangs a new name upon the door. Stephanie Cifers is starting her first year at Northwood as the new Biology teacher, replacing former Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher Christine Schwichtenberg.

    Before she began teaching, Cifers was a student at Appalachian State University in Boone. While majoring in Geology, she participated in several extracurricular activities, one of which she particularly enjoyed.

    “There’s this club called APPS (Appalachian Popular Programming Society), and it does all the programming for the artists and performers we bring in,” Cifers said. “I helped put up publicity and create flyers. Like ‘Hey, we’re bringing the Black Eyed Peas! Come see them at the communication center!’ I helped out with that stuff.”

    Being a member of APPS, Cifers enjoyed performances from various artists and entertainers.

    “[The Black Eyed Peas] came my freshman year,” Ciphers said. “We have a hypnotist come every year, and some local bands come up there too.”

    While volunteering for various clubs and earning her degree, Cifers found her spouse there too.

    “I met my husband [at App],” Cifers said. “[We have] been married for five years. We just had our daughter last summer, Ivy; I miss her all the time.”

    Family is a key reason for Cifers’ move into Northwood after four years of teaching at Graham High School. The school’s reputation also interested Cifers to apply.

    “My parents live right up the road, and I’ve heard a lot of awesome things about Northwood,” said Cifers. “When a job opened up, I just jumped on it. I thought it would be a great place to work.”

    After a week of experience at Northwood, Cifers expressed her satisfaction with the people and attitude of the school.

    “It’s very nice,” Cifers said. “Everyone is so nice here and welcoming and helpful. People I don’t even know say hello to me all the time. Students are great. The teachers are very supportive and helpful, which is great, especially for someone who is new to the school. There’s a lot of energy, so it makes me have a lot of energy.”

    Though the new school year has just begun, Cifers is ready to tackle the challenge and start fresh.

    “I’m really excited to be here,” Cifers said. “It’s a great change for me, and I’m looking forward to the semester.”

– By Betty Her