I get by with a little help from my friends

I sit down in the patch of sunlight shining through my bedroom window, closing my eyes and basking in the warmth. I carefully pick up different colored crystals from my windowsill and place each color in the corresponding areas of the seven chakras. Purple stones over top of my head, green stones over my heart. A sense of relief and relaxation envelops me, and I am content.

This is the process of crystal healing. When not in meditation mode, I carry my crystals everywhere I go. I keep snowflake obsidian in my car for balance and carnelian around my neck for daily school motivation. When I tell people the reason why I always carry my crystals with me, some scoff at the alleged silliness. I just laugh along, because it does sound like the bouts of witches and fortune tellers. However, it’s actually an activity that anyone can do and that can bring peace and relaxation to one’s mind. It’s much more spiritual than magic, and it creates a door to open up your subconscious mind.

Almost a year ago, my friend Savannah introduced me to the world of crystal healing. It was a stressful time for me; my boyfriend was thousands of miles away, I was overwhelmed with stacks of summer work and I had the ever-growing pressure of applying to colleges. Over late night FaceTimes, Savannah and I would discuss incorporating all the good energy we could possibly have through the stresses in our daily lives. They told me about their crystals and how much energy they could receive just from a couple little stones. Since then, the crystals I have acquired have provided the stepping stones for a path of positivity and grace. I learned to take time out of my day to relax, bond with my crystals and get to know myself on a level that I wasn’t consciously aware of. Just sitting down, learning to control my breathing and feeling the energy radiating from the crystals quiets my jumbled thoughts and fills me with feelings of tranquility.

I believe that working with my stones has changed my mindset and overall outlook on life. I have surrounded myself with much more positive energy and healthier lifestyle choices. Ultimately, I have found a close to perfect balance in my life that I had never known before I started healing. I am so thankful for the metaphysical community and all the progress they have helped me make on my spiritual journey. It is filled with such kind people who were more than obliged to educate me and help me fill my life with overflowing love, happiness and positivity.

– By Cameron Bernstein