Bonjour, Mate: Students study abroad


   With a wide variety of areas to travel among nearly every continent, students now have the opportunity to see more of the world while receiving credits for school. Whether the motives are for educational purposes, to explore the world or just for fun, many students are choosing the alternative route of studying abroad.

    Senior Julia Stone currently resides in Australia, where she will continue her schooling until Jan. 2018.

    “I wanted to gain new perspectives, whether it was being educated on a new culture or looking at my culture through a new lens,” Stone said. “I have learned that you will never truly find your limits until you leave everything that is ‘comfortable’ to you behind and begin to figure things out on your own. Without the safety net my friends and family provided, I have learned so much about myself.”

    Some students instead choose a more short-term route, such as class options over the summer. Junior Harper Bone studied this past summer in Rennes, France.

    “We studied the French language and culture at a university there,” Bone said. “It really helped me with social skills and problem solving, since I had to be stretched really thin.”

    Studying abroad can be pursued for college credit or application purposes, to study things that interest you or purely to see the world.

    “I would definitely recommend  studying abroad to others,” Stone said. “It is such a beneficial experience that more students should embark on, or at least consider. It really opens your eyes to the world around you and introduces you to new perspectives you may have never considered.”

    Bone agrees that studying abroad is a beneficial experience.

    “[Study abroad programs] have really good scholarship opportunities,” Bone said. “It gives you an awesome new perspective on the world.  I went with the program CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange). They also offer a lot of scholarships, so I definitely think it’s worth a shot.”

    Whether you’re looking to study abroad with a program such as GoAbroad, AIFS or through your school or an outside resource, schooling abroad can provide many beneficial factor to today’s students. Just a simple Google search can have you on your way to a classroom across the world.

– By Zoe Willard